hearing protection

There’s absolutely nothing as incredible and physically intoxicating as going to a live music show. That feeling that grabs ahold of every inch of your body when the music hits, the goosebumps gripping onto your skin like a warm embrace.

But you probably also know the feeling when you walk out of a concert and your ears are ringing. You end up asking your friends repeatedly to, “Say again?” If the music’s too loud, you may not be too old, you may actually be losing your hearing.

Hearing loss can occur at 85 decibels and the average decibel level for a live show is up around 100 to 140. In addition to hearing loss, there’s a risk of developing tinnitus. As someone who is very familiar with tinnitus, it is something you don’t want.

But do not worry! You don’t have to stop going to concerts. There are ways to prevent it, and there are new products coming specifically designed for live music.

You can always go with regular earplugs, or, if in a pinch, you can wad up part of a napkin (no judging here). But these earplugs were designed specifically for live music. They all tout that they reduce decibels while keeping the sounds coming in clear instead of muffled.

hearing protection

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

These earplugs are the cream of the crop (and the most expensive of the three we have here). They have the ability to reduce noise by up to 21 decibels and have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 16 decibels. And they come in a great case you can put on your keychain!

hearing protection

Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs

These are a little cheaper and give approximately 20 decibel sound reduction when worn properly. They also come with a nice clamshell case to keep them safe.

hearing protection

Hearos High Fidelity Musician Earplugs

The cheapest on the list but like the others reduce noise by 20 decibels. And it comes with a “sculpted pop case” to keep them safe.

We all want to go see concerts forever. But if we want to hear them (and our friends and family) forever, we need to protect ourselves now. So try one of these earplugs, and if you try something else that you like, tell us about it on Twitter!

The next time you go to a show, don’t forget your protection.