new year's resolution

Gather round, resolution-making friends. The new year is upon us and many people are getting their New Year’s resolution lists together. Many people fill their lists with thing to help improve themselves and the way they live their lives. Things like eating better, learning something new, or improving personal relationships.

But before you get started on this year’s list, think about how seeing more live music could check the box on almost all of them. It sounds crazy, but I can assure you, it’s not.

10 reasons why live music is the only New Year’s resolution you need

New Year's resolution1. Going to the gym

Who’s list doesn’t include this easily breakable resolution? But buckle up because live music is better than the gym. Not only do you burn calories getting to the venue, but once you get there, you’re most likely dancing the night away! And if you didn’t already know, people who dance live longer, healthier lives. So, while you’ll most likely cancel your gym membership by mid-April, going to more concerts never gets old.

New Year's resolution2. Eating better

This is a tough one because most venues don’t have the healthiest of food options. But if you’re on your way to a venue, you’ll most likely be exploring, so you can find new and healthy food options while you’re there. It’s a new year and you can make it work.

New Year's resolution3. Learn something new

Did you know that music help your memory and make you smarter? When you’re out there, you’ll have the chance to learn new songs, new venues, new bands, and new people. Who knows what else you’ll learn from the experiences that you’ll have at the show? You could learn a lot from a night out.

New Year's resolution4. Save money

You’re probably reading this one and thinking, “Jason, there’s no way going out more will save me money.” And I can’t fault you for thinking that, but if you’re using concerts to replace going out to dinner, or going to the bar or shopping, then going to live music might actually save you money. Especially if you have a live music membership like… I don’t know… Jukely.

New Year's resolution5. Stop stressing

Music makes you less stressed. There’ve been studies. Why not put it on your New Year’s resolution list to lower your stress and rock out. You deserve it. 2017 was a stressful year. 2018 is your year to shine.

New Year's resolution6. Spend more time with family/friends

Seriously, what better way to spend time with family and friends than at a concert? This resolution should be checked off quicker than the ball drop. And who couldn’t use another gig buddy? If you’ve put this one on your New Year’s resolution list, do it at a show.

New Year's resolution7. Travel

Have you ever left the comfort of your town to find a venue in another city? Was it a tiny venue that you went to because a smaller band was playing there? It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Will 2018 be the year you travel to another city/state/country to see your favorite band? What stories will you tell in 2019 of who you saw?

New Year's resolution8. Fall in love

If you’re at a show, you’re more likely to find a special someone who’s into the same music you’re into. Sitting at home isn’t going to find you the love of your life. And one of the best things about going to concerts is you can go alone and come out having met someone new.

New Year's resolution9. Do something every week you love

Two loves in a row? That’s right, it’s 2018 and we’re feeling emotional. The difference is that this one is just for you. If you’re not already doing this, you should be. If you love live music, why aren’t you doing it more? In every city across the world you can find some kind of live music, somewhere, every day. Go grab a show and embrace the love in 2018.

New Year's resolution10. See more live music

Hell, if none of the above thoughts make sense to you, your New Year’s resolution should just be see more live music. Live music is awesome. Make 2018 your year of music.

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