Everyone knows that going to concerts makes you happier, there’ve been studies. But how can you take something that already enhances your life and make it even better? And I’m not talking about the simple stuff like going alone or bringing a gig buddy with you. I’m talking about once you’re there, how do you take it to the next level?

I’ve got seven ways to multiply your concert going fun.

7 tips for going to concerts

going to concerts1. Take public transit

Leave the car at home; grab a cab, take the subway, or carpool with a group. This way, even if there’s traffic, you’re not the one who’s behind the wheel. And if you’re lucky enough to have a subway system like New York, or Philly, or the like, take advantage of it. Taking public transit when going to a concert usually takes the entire experience at least 1.8x better than without.

going to shows2. Location, location, location

Every venue has three main locations (with some having the glorious #4). You’ve got the front, in the crowd, the back, and if you’re lucky, that beautiful upstairs balcony. Plan your night ahead. If you want the front, go early. If you want to be in the crowd or in the back, the timing isn’t as important. If you want that upstairs balcony, play it by ear for each venue, some will need you to get there super early to make it happen. Knowing exactly where you want to be at the show and planning ahead to make sure you get it makes every show 6.4x better than without.

going to shows3. Wear layers

If you’ve ever worn too much or too little to a venue, this one is for you. Layers give you the best of both worlds. If you’re too hot, take one or two off. If you’re too cold, put one or two on. If you’ve ever been to a venue with no coat check and wore too much, this one will make going to concerts up to 3.5x better.

going to shows4. Listen to the opening bands pre-show

It sounds simple, but a lot of people don’t do it. This is good for multiple reasons. A) You may have just found your new favorite band. B) You know exactly when you’re going to take a restroom break or a fresh air break. By simply listening to one or two bands before you get to the show, you step up the experience at least 5.3x.

going to concerts5. Find smaller venues

There are a lot of concert-goers out there who only hit up the biggest venues in their city or town, but I’m here to tell you, small venues can be game-changers. When you get into the smaller venues, usually under 500 people, the artist sings directly to you. And maybe down the line, you’ll be able to say, “I saw them when they played for only 200 people.” It’s a good feeling and makes the experience at least 7.9x better.

going to shows6. Tip bartenders well

Other than the musicians, bartenders are some of the most important, magical people at the venue. Going to concerts would be completely different without them. Do you remember the last time you went to a bar and they saw you from afar and had your drink ready for you? How did that make you feel? Really good, right? If you treat them well, they will remember you, and make the experience 2.6x better.

going to shows7. Get on the list

Before I was a Jukely member, I wasn’t on too many show lists. After, it’s changed everything. Never again will I forget tickets at home; not to mention how cool it feels to walk up and say, “I’m on the list.” This is a big one. This makes the experience at least 11.2x better.

Picture it now, you walk up to the venue, after being dropped off outside by the public transit system. You tell them that you’re “on the list” and walk right in. The bartender recognizes you from the last time and has your drink ready. You’re wearing the perfect amount of clothes so you’re not too hot or too cold. Since you’re there early and at a smaller venue, the spot you want up front is open and you’re standing in it when the band starts singing (directly to you). Your bathroom break is timed perfectly during a song you listened to earlier and for some reason didn’t feel. After the show, you get home with no traffic because you’re in a cab, and he knows a back road behind it all. You go to sleep with a massive grin on your face because the night was perfect.

Going to concerts is incredible, but consider about these tiny enhancements and you can make the night at least 32.4x more incredible.

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