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Yup, you read that correctly.Your teenage taste determines your favorite music for life. Don’t believe me? That’s okay.

There was an interesting musical study conducted by The New York Times with Spotify data that concludes that, essentially, your musical tastes and preferences are solidified by your early teenage years.

music taste chart

What else does this mean? Generational subsets who listened to a particular hit song during their teenage years became the groups who continued to listen to that song the most in subsequent years.

This would, in fact, explain why generations tastes tend to differ. It would explain why, perhaps, you don’t love your father’s favorite song as much as he does (unless, of course, it happened to be your favorite song as a teenager too).

While the piece is an op-ed, and there are definitely more questions to be asked, it DOES make you question your teenage tastes, doesn’t it? So why not take a look back through memory lane on just what song you might be cursed with being your favorite forever.

If you’re curious about the music of your birth year and peak influence years, you can look at the list of Billboard top songs for your birth year (just add 13 or 14, depending on your sex, yada yada — it isn’t a science. Or maybe it is).

The number one songs that shaped your musical taste

If you’re between 16 & 20, you’ve got your pick of great number ones:

Uptown Funk

Rolling in the Deep

Thrift Shop

Oh, yeah, don’t forget the Frozen soundtrack.

If you’re between 21 & 25, there’s some more wiggle room: 

Bad Day

We Belong Together

Boom Boom Pow

& many, many more.

What do you think? Are you stuck with “Boom Boom Pow” forever?