I’m not an electronic music fan.

There, I said it… I’m sorry.

It’s just not my go-to, ever. I’m a rocker through and through (and yes, I know how lame that sounds). But seriously, I recently even started playing guitar so I could make my own tunes.

Then I hear Rezz‘ new album, Mass Manipulation, and I’m uncomfortable about how much I like it.

Here, YOU listen, if only to tell me it doesn’t do something weird to your emotions.

That first track is definitely some kind of hypnotically enhanced jam. The voice coming through at the beginning literally tells you to, “Take a nice breath in, exhale that breath, just allow yourself now to relax more and more.” And within the first two minutes, you’re trapped.

If you’re not looking to be completely hooked, maybe start with track two.

I wrote the above on Friday immediately after listening to the album for our New Music Friday post. It’s now Monday morning, August 7th, and I’ve been listening to the album all weekend on repeat and I still love it.

I don’t understand how an album that’s only 28 minutes feels so long. Wait! The album is named Mass Manipulation… if other people listen, they’re going to get hooked too. Was this her plan all along?  The more I think about it, the more questions I have for Rezz. If anyone knows her, tell her we need to chat.

Take a listen and tell me if you feel like I do. Is this weird? Did she break me? Do I like electronic music now?


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