During the Prohibition Era of the 1920s, speakeasies popped up across America, illegally serving alcohol to those wanting to indulge in the banned drink. Although it’s been quite a while since the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment, effectively ending Prohibition, the allure of speakeasies remains strong.

Today, speakeasies can either be bars that were actual speakeasies back in the day, or new bars designed to imitate the ambiance and menu selection of them. Whether you wish to enjoy a cocktail with a bit of history, or you are just looking for a quiet, intimate place for your next date, these Atlanta speakeasies will not disappoint.

Red Phone Booth

red phone booth

Red Phone Booth, which opened last year, takes the Prohibition experience to the next level. To be admitted into the bar, you must enter a code into the rotary phone inside the (you guessed it) red phone booth. Part of the fun is finding someone who knows the current code to get in, which changes periodically. The bar offers classic cocktails with freshly squeezed juices, an upscale cigar program, and small plates.

Tip: Dress appropriately. You won’t be admitted in ripped jeans and flip-flops.

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The Blind Pig Parlour Bar

the blind pig

Everyone knows the term “speakeasy,” but did you know these illicit bars were also referred to as bling pigs or blind tigers? The Blind Pig Parlour Bar requires a secret password for entry, but this rule doesn’t seem to be too strict, so try offering up a smile if you aren’t sure of the code. The venue is smoke-free and you’ll find live music for entertainment.

Tip: Just like many of the speakeasies of the 20s, The Blind Pig Parlour Bar is only open during limited hours. Visit them anytime between 8pm and 3am, Thursday-Saturday.

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Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand

Outfitted with black and white tiled floors and leather chairs, Supply & Demand serves up rare, high-end spirits, and creative cocktails. The creators are the same people who brought you Establishment, so if you loved that, you should check out this spot in Buckhead. The bar is 25-and-up, but if you are dressed elegantly, you might be able to get in before your 25th birthday.

Tip: Supply & Demand sometimes host DJs (usually on Thursday nights), so those nights are better for dancing with a group of friends, rather than an intimate date.

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El Bar

el bar

El Bar is the dive bar of speakeasies. The cheap drinks and fun vibes make up for the lack of seating at this small spot. And really, wouldn’t you rather dance than sit on a couch after a couple drinks anyway? Located behind El Ponce, the spot opens at 10pm, and DJs will have you dancing into the night.

Tip: Bring cash, as sometimes there’s a cover charge. Enter through the painted door.

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Edgewood Speakeasy

edgewood speakeasy

Enter through an inconspicuous bookcase to find yourself in a hip, fun atmosphere. The crowd is usually young and lively and loud DJs and dancing make this secret spot a fun way to end a date.

Tip: Check out The Music Room downstairs for even more music and dancing.



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