summer concerts vs winter concerts

Ahh summer concerts. The warm spring air blows in and you’re already in your rave outfit ready to hit up every summer music festival, rooftop party, and outdoor concert that’s happening in your city (and for the truly dedicated, around the country).

But right now, it’s fall, the wind is blowing, the leaves are changing color, and the pumpkin spice fumes are wafting through the air. It’s officially sweater season. Which for many concert lovers means a long hibernation until next summer.

Or does it?

Hear me out because I’m about to try and make the case that winter concerts are better than summer concerts. Or at least good enough to keep the good times going.

Why summer concerts aren’t as fun as you think

summer concerts sweaty
Does this look like an ideal situation to you?

Maybe it’s just the disaffected New Yorker in me, but I subscribe to the adage they say about New Year’s Eve. It’s not the night to go out because all the amateurs are out. For the people who take fewer opportunities to go out, this is the one night they all do it and the experienced are better off staying at home and waiting for January 2nd.

The same can be said about concerts and summer. Summer is considered the “peak season” for concerts, but that’s not really about the number of concerts, just the number of people who are out looking for one. After all, artists have to make money year round, not just in the summer. And most artists aren’t so successful that they can make all their money in one season and then go into hibernation.

So what do you get in the summer? No question about it, the sunshine is nice, but there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors without being pressed up against a bunch of sweaty strangers bodies.

Not only that, most venues are indoors anyways. And the ones that are outdoors are even more packed. It’s unfortunate really. Summer also has a way of bringing out a lot of people who may not have a lot of concert experience. I always wonder if these people’s first experience is at something really crowded, belligerent, difficult, or not about the music, will turn them off from going in the future. It’s sad because bringing new buddies into the live music world is always a good thing. You never know if they could turn into one of the 12 best people at concerts until they’re there with you.

Why winter concerts are better

In the winter, it’s all about the music.

Sure, coats and such are a pain to deal with. But many places have coat checks and honestly, you can probably spring for the couple of dollars it will cost you.

Besides, while summer wear is fun, layering in the winter is when you really get to show off your concert style and ingenuity. How do you build an outfit that will survive the rigors of the dance floor, the bar, and the outdoors? It’s your time to shine!

For those who are still looking for that hard partying style, look no further than the major holidays. Winter is full of them from Halloween on. And nothing quite lights up a crowd like the holidays and drinking.

Like I said before, it’s not like most artists are packing up and waiting out the winter. They’re still out there, performing, making new music, and maybe you can even catch them in a smaller venue where it’s more about the music. Isn’t that the real, pure concert experience you’re looking for? Cozy up because that happens more in the winter.

Look, I’m not trying to say summer concerts are bad. They’re fun in their own way. But if you’re just doing “concert season” or “festival season” and then hanging it up until next summer, you’re missing out on a whole world of music that you’d probably love (and there are even winter festivals too).

Don’t let the weather hold you back, get out there and go see a show. The venues are heated!

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