You know what is terrible? Saving a bunch of money to do something expensive, it ending up not being as fun as you thought, and also you’re really sweaty from the mid-summer Texas heat. So what’s the solution? Go to cheaper events. And guess what? They’re just as fun, if not more so because you saved so much money. There are so many great things to do in Houston.

So skip the Astros game, the arena concert, and all the other giant expenses. Try these out instead.

Houston Fajita Fest

The first ever Houston Fajita Fest took place in 2016 and it was so popular, it’s come back again and again. Admission is only $10 and from there you can binge on all the best fajitas from Tex-Mex legends, and binge drink responsibly some great tequila cocktails.

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Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare in the park is a quintessential summer activity and the Houston edition is not to be missed. If you’re looking for an outdoor theater experience with a little class, this is a must try as things to do in Houston go.

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Free Movies

Free movies abound in the summer, and that’s for a reason. It’s just a nice way to spend the evening after the sun gets low in the horizon. Be prepared though. Bring a blanket, so you’re not sitting on the hard ground, and come early because these tend to be popular so you want to grab a good spot.

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Salsa Lessons

Got two left feet? Realize that random body wiggling on the dance floor isn’t really impressing anyone? Want to channel your inner Antonio Banderas? Sounds like you could use a free salsa lesson. Taught by pros from the Texas Salsa Congress, by the end of the night, you’ll be at least a little less embarrassing.

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Sugar Land Skeeters

Okay, so going to major league parks might be a bit expensive (especially when the Astros doing well), but if you still have that baseball itch, check out the Sugar Land Skeeters, the nearby independent league team. Also, take if from this obsessive baseball fan, the Skeeters’ league has the best baseball you’ll see outside of affiliated ball.

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Of course, we’re a music publication, so no list of things to do in Houston would be complete without some tunes. We’re always down for seeing live music. Individually, you might burn a hole in your pocket seeing every show you want to see, but with Jukely, you could see all of them and more for one price!

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