Burgers could possibly be the greatest invention ever… since live music. So what better place to connect these two delicious delicatessens than right here in a list of burger places near music venues?

The five below are all over DC, and they range from a six buck chuck to burgers you should only have if it’s your birthday, or someone else’s birthday, or an anniversary, or maybe you’re just loaded? I don’t know, your life. Either way, burgers are awesome, here they are in no particular order.

Central Michel Richard

Courtesy of Central Michel Richard website
Courtesy of Central Michel Richard website


Unfortunately, the crafty creator of this incredible burger, Michel Richard, passed away last year, but his protégé is taking the burger into the future. Just look at this thing. You’ve never seen a burger that has quite the same shape, have you? This modern American bistro with a French twist is about to change your understanding of what a burger is.

Not only is the burger bigger than the bun, the little details that take this to otherworldly levels include caramelized onions, potato tuiles (fancy potato chips), and a skinless tomato slice drenched in olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and other herbs. This burger will change you.

Duke’s Grocery

Courtesy of Dukes Grocery Website
Courtesy of Duke’s Grocery Website


It’s called the “Proper Burger” for more reasons than one. It’s made with Creekstone Farms angus beef, melted gouda, garlic aioli, charred red onions, and a Thai sweet chili sauce that takes it to a place that you want to live forever. Add some applewood smoked bacon, avocado, and white truffle oil to upgrade from delicious to decadent.

And while the following isn’t technically a “burger,” if you don’t add the truffle mac & cheese, you’re missing out on life.

I don’t know who Duke is, but he or she knows what they’re doing around a burger

Bourbon Steak

Courtesy of Bourbon Steak Website
Courtesy of Bourbon Steak Website


Before you dig in, you’re served truffle butter rolls. That pretty much sets up what your meal is going to be like.

That said, it’s expensive. If you’re not ready to drop this kinda “cheddar,” this may be where we stop chatting. BUT, if you are prepared, you’ve got two big options. Well, one big, one mini.

First up is the Burger of the Month, which changes, get this, monthly. You’ll have a new possibility every single month and the price is dependent on the burger (market price isn’t just for lobsters anymore).

But what you’re really going to want to hit up is The All-American Wagyu Burger. If you haven’t had Wagyu beef, please find a way to make it happen at some point soon. On a side note, they also have Wagyu Steak Frites, that are $52. That’s not a typo. And they will also change your life.

Burger, Tap & Shake

Courtesy of Burger, Tap & Shake Facebook
Courtesy of Burger, Tap & Shake Facebook


It’s said that the beef is a “custom blend of 30-day aged, naturally raised Local Harvest beef chuck and brisket” and when you bite into it, you can tell that you’ve entered a special place.

Not only is this the cheapest option on the list at a six buck base burger, it’s got the most topping options. There’s the must-add thick cut Benton’s smoked bacon, but if you want the crème de la crème, drop a few extra bucks and get it with a fried egg, fire roasted green chilies, THE BACON, caramelized onions, and some aged cheddar. Welcome to Graceland.



Good Stuff Eatery

Courtesy of Good Stuff Eatery Website
Courtesy of Good Stuff Eatery Website


Welcome to farmhouse fresh burgers with a restaurant name that fits them perfectly. You get the choice between plain, with cheese, or the big ol’ baco cheese-o burger-o… Anywho, go for the big one. And ask for extra Good Stuff Sauce to melt into that freshly baked Pennsylvania Dutch bun. This is what a down home good burger is supposed to taste like.


What do you think? Are we missing any of the bigguns?

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