I’m a little sad if you don’t know who’s in the picture above, but none the less, when I tell you who my first live concert was, you’re going to be jealous.

You’re going to say to yourself, “Obviously this guy loves music, he saw ___________ as his first foray.”

I guess it’s something I’m proud of (thanks mom), but I didn’t really care about music until I got to college and started heading to the bars (which happened to have live music). In those dirty basement bars of State College, PA is where I fell in love.

But back to the point, my first concert, and seriously try not to be jealous, was The Temptations, in Hershey, PA about 25 years ago. Wow, I’m getting old.

What I remember of the day, I had a good time. I remember dancing to “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” but unfortunately the sweet dance moves from, Genesis’ “I Can’t Dance” was popular at the time, and the kids of my age were all doing it on the lawn.

Now, I wanna know, who was YOUR first concert? Do you remember?

Tell me on the post you clicked this or over on Twitter and/or Facebook!

Can’t wait to read them!

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