plus one

Your best friend or your significant other isn’t necessarily your best plus one for a concert. Why? It’s tricky. With every show, tons of different factors compound to make each one different.

If you’re a frequent concert-goer, you know there’s a special recipe for the perfect plus one. Just because someone is close to you in everyday life doesn’t mean they’re the perfect addition to a concert.

Here’s a breakdown of why your plus one can make or break a show.


How excited is your plus one for the show? Are they happy to be there? Will your plus one love the show regardless of who is playing? In my opinion, enthusiasm for the concert is the number one deciding factor. If your friend’s favorite band is in town, it’ll be much more fun to see the show with them instead of someone who has never heard of the group.

On the flip side, however, it’s important to note that sometimes, die-hard fanatics just aren’t in the mood to go out. In these cases, the middle-of-the-road, passionate but more enthusiastic friend is usually a more enjoyable experience than someone who has been strong-armed into going out.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the pit with someone who is standing still with a frown.


Take your timing into consideration. Does your friend like to get together before the show for a few drinks, because they need to be there right before the doors open? Or are they someone who knows the ins and outs of set times and are happy to skip the opener and just go for the favorite?

Know what you’re in the mood for and try to pick a friend who matches up with the vibe you’re going for. If you’re excited about the opener and you pick someone who texts you “on my way” while they’re still in bed, you might be in for a bad surprise.


Being in-sync about the type of night you’re about to have is also key. If you’re someone who is ready for a night out on the town, but you bring someone who’s budgeting heavily, you might be surprised because you were ready to blow your paycheck (it is the weekend, after all) and they were not!

Knowing if you’re going to have one drink or five drinks makes a difference at shows. Communication on this front is crucial!

Being a Team Player

This is the least important and is more of a vibe than a specific quality. Gotta use the bathroom? This person will hold your spot at the show. Are you holding their spot for them and they show up with a magic next round? Down to check out a new artist because you enjoy them?

They’re usually willing to compromise on any of the points above because they’re there for you. When you meet a team player, you’ll know it. People usually gravitate to them because they love to go with the flow.

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