Brad, Nayef, and Julian—the brains behind Nu Androids—are constantly on the prowl to shake up Washington, DC’s ever changing nightlife scene. Pulling concepts from unconventional inspiration, these guys are making waves and catching national attention.

How did the three of you meet?

Brad & Nayef: We met via Tinder! But real talk… Nayef and I started working together back in 2007. He was the promoter and myself, the DJ. We were a part of these forward-thinking parties with a very distinctive sound at the time. Julian met Nayef the same way a few years later.

Julian: I met Brad through a mutual friend, I think we formally met when he was opening up a show at Ultrabar a couple years back. I met Nayef because he started booking me as a DJ to play in Washington, DC.

“The power of music has no boundaries. […] If you like good music, Nu Androids is for you.”

…and how did Nu Androids come to be?

Brad & Nayef: We share the desire to bring more great music to the D.C. market. All three of us have our own unique musical tastes and we knew we could really bridge the gap between the so-called “underground” and “mainstream” crowds. Some call this taboo, but if you think about the power of music, it has no boundaries so we don’t want to create any separation. If you like good music, Nu Androids is for you.

Julian: Ditto to what Brad said. We all saw there was a huge gap in the music scene in D.C. We desperately wanted to fill that gap with our own brand of unique programming.

When curating events, what is the goal?

Brad & Nayef: The goal is to be adventurous and equally informative. It’s our job as curators to educate our audience and to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to discovery.

Julian: We want to provide a unique audio and visual experience for our concert attendees. For A.i, we are constantly changing the set up to ensure that each event is unique

Tell us more about A.i.

A.i. is our pop-up brand. Every A.i. branded show will feature different venue aesthetics. The core elements that we often change are projection art, lighting design, and venue deco.

Nu Androids Jukely

How did you shape Wednesday to be the “Nu Friday”?

Brad & Nayef: The Nu Friday represents a new culture of going out. We feel that being on a Wednesday, we attract the best crowds that really get music and appreciate it at the same level that we do.

Julian: We did this by cultivating and motivating a music community. The community desperately wanted to see the acts we were bringing minus the people who weren’t there for the music. By doing shows on Wednesday we attracted real enthusiasts who enjoy music just as much as we do.

What role does Nu Androids play in the DC music scene?

Brad & Nayef: The role that Nu Androids plays in the D.C. scene is eliminating the barriers between underground and commercial while providing a diverse lineup of artists.

Julian: We also support up and coming local producers and try to get their brand out to as many people as possible.

Where do you hope to go from here?

Step 1, event curating. Step 2, artist management. Step 3, ????

Julian: We want to open a venue.

What can attendees expect from Nu Androids in the new year?

More live music and more unique spaces to present our artists.

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*Featured photo of Nu Androids crew by Made In The District