Reid Benditt, the marketing wunderkind behind Bonfire Shows and Electric Factory, is shaping Philadelphia’s boisterous music scene.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in the music industry?

When I was going to shows every other night and my day job at an advertising agency started to become routine, something clicked.

What eventually opened the door for you?

After leaving the ad agency, I was working a lot of “pro-bono” jobs like writing for music sites and DJ’ing at a radio station. That got my foot in the door.

What opened it was when I answered a job posting to market local bars. Eventually, that management group grew to open new music venues in Philly, so I was handling the marketing for each location. It was a combination of experience and good fortune that got me there.

Reid Benditt Bonfire

You’re an integral part of Bonfire, tell us a bit about your role?

Aside from production, my job encompasses just about everything under the sun, from the time a show is confirmed until the headliner goes on stage. For me, it’s all the fun stuff.

What do you enjoy most?

Going to the shows.

Favorite memory so far? 

Trying to hold a conversation with BABYMETAL.

Any advice for someone trying to break into the scene?

Do whatever work you can get your hands on, and do it for free. These days, internships are the new entry-level positions.

Lastly, where do you hope to go from here?

The comedy world interests me. But I’ve done stand up enough times to know which side of the desk I belong on.