Already looking to plan your weekend? We know it’s just mid-week, but what’s a better time to cruise through the imaginary party rolodex and make a plan, so you have the rest of the week to look forward to something? On our radar this week is Avalon in Hollywood, who has an awesome roster this coming weekend. If you haven’t heard of all amazing things Avalon presents, let us help you break down their weekends. On Fridays, their nights are put on by CONTROL. CONTROL is a long-running party in the Los Angeles area that has been making the kids dance for over six years. They decided instead of aging their fans and club-goers out, they would grow with them. CONTROL is known for their constant outpouring of new talent, when the tides turn and new sounds arise, CONTROL already has it on lock, ready to hit their fan base with the newest, dopest acts.  This Friday, CONTROL presents: EOTO.


On Saturday nights, the dance floor is solely dedicated to the crew that loves their tech-house, trance, and all around favorite electronic acts. It’s a night dedicated to losing yourself in the music, and the music is always incredibly fierce. This weekend, they have none other than Italian EDM favorites VINAI.


If you haven’t had a chance to get tickets, there are still passes left for you to grab on Jukely.

Claim a spot: Friday at Avalon presents EOTO

Claim a spot: Saturday at Avalon presents VINAI

If you’re not ready to commit to Jukely, you can purchase tickets through Avalon for each of the events below: