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We are so excited to announce Elvis Depressedly / Teen Suicide at the Swedish American Hall, with support from Nicole Dollanganger on August 21st, 2016. It’s all ages, so come one, come all!


Elvis Depressedly is the musical American indie-rock project of Mathew Cothran and Delaney Mills, formed in Ashville, North Carolina. Elvis Depressedly’s music is the type of sound you need when you’re feeling a little sulky but need to jam to something. It’s a perfect mold of lo-fi pop-rock with pinches of light punk strewen throughout. Their seven EP’s and albums are carefully crafted, with delicate, poetic lyricism and minimal (yet powerful) chords and rhythms.
Teen Suicide’s new album, It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot is also, according to the band, their final record. Recorded over fourteen months with a Robert Altman-sized group of collaborators and performers, it’s both a skeleton key for the band’s earlier work & a great corrective addition to it. Updating rather than refuting all of the past themes and styles of their revered first LP “i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body”and numerous EPs, Big Joyous Celebration shifts between punk, noise, country, house & a myriad of other electric dance genres to create something as messy, sprawling, and captivating as its mouthful of a title. Spread over twenty six tracks, there is plenty that Teen Suicide’s swan song has to say for itself in the band’s distinct, captivating, and refreshingly enjoyable voice.
Nicole Dollanganger is astonishingly gifted and utterly terrifying. Her sweet, instantly memorable melodies feel like they could have been honed at Sun Studios or the Brill Building rather than a bathroom in rural Ontario, but her lyrics paint astonishing portraits of horrific violence, forbidden longing, and secret pain. The“Flowers In The Attic”reference in her stage name is only the tip of the iceberg – after hitting play you’re equally likely to be confronted with lyrics describing nostalgia for the smell of rotting corpses as you are disarmingly sweet odes to the joy of pet
ownership. The unassuming ease with which she shifts between extremes has attracted a devoted following which shows appreciation by collecting her home-recorded albums and hand-drawn zines, posting fan art on Tumblr, and mailing her their teeth and locks of hair.“Natural Born Losers”, her newest album, found her stepping out of the bedroom for the first time. It was then heard by Claire Boucher (Grimes) and she immediately started a label to put it out. And from then, history has been made.

Tickets will be available for purchase Friday, June 3rd at 10AM PDT. 


August 21

Swedish American Hall

7:00 PM



Jukely members receive complimentary guest list access to this show plus special extras like expedited entry, members only coat check, members only lounge areas, and more.