This month DC has had a ton of things happening in the music community, and one of our writers had two big “what if?” stories involving the beloved city. Check out a few of the most interesting events and find out more about what’s going on!

  • Ever felt like you’re not doing enough with your eyes during concerts? Zebbler Encanti Experience is bringing a full sensory concert to DC.
  • Tim Cook was recognized in DC for his company’s role in freedom of expression, which got this particular author thinking…
  • Throughout the summer, Nu Androids is throwing a rooftop party at Flash featuring up and coming musicians.
  • The Hyperloop One seems cool and all, but how can it benefit the music lover, concert goer, and dreamer in us?
  • Closing out the month was the Climate March which was closed out with multiple music acts from around the world.

So, needless to say, DC’s got a ton going on. What did you do this month that you loved around the city? Tell us on Twitter!