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In 2017, Miami Music Week had over 1,200 artists, performing at over 280 events, hosted at over 80 venues, so we can only assume that you might not be able to hit up every show for MMW 2018. But if you’re looking for a few newer DJs, up-and-comers, or maybe just one or two you haven’t heard of yet, we’ve got you covered.

Find the artists below for Miami Music Week and everything will be perfect.

miami music week
March 20th – Coldharbour & Black Hole Recordings

While the official lineup hasn’t been released, the labels have over 100 artists signed, so the possibilities are endless.

Who might you see? On Coldharbour Recordings, you could find Nifra, Daxson, Grube & Hovsepian, or maybe Adina Butar. With Black Hole Recordings, anyone from Mr. Sam to Moonbeam to Jes could show up. You’ll have to wait for the announcement.

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March 21st – Anthony Attalla

While Aly & Fila will be spinning downstairs from open to close, take some time to check out Anthony Attalla and a bunch more in the main room. This guy is a definite rising star and, with his music production company Incorrect Music, he’s already highlighting his own favorite talent out there too. This one is definitely a must-see event.

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March 22nd – Surreal Flight & Viktop

Check out the two supporting acts on this one. Surreal Flight, the duo of Felipe Ortega and Alejandro Ancheta, will be behind the tables bringing some incredible deep house and techno with them. Miami-native Viktop will be spinning his deep acid, techno, and everything in between.

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March 23rd – m.O.N.R.O.E.

Here’s another Miami-based DJ and producer to check out. Also known as Jordan Postel, this guy is a definite up-and-comer on the scene for the past five years or so, with a sound somewhere between deep house and and tech-house. Possibly the best event to kick off the weekend.

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March 24th – Mike Simonetti & Pale Blue

As a solo act or alongside Liz Wight in the duo Pale Blue, Mike Simonetti is making moves. On Pale Blue, you’ll hear what he calls “real techno, real house music” featuring the melodic and beautiful vocals of Wight. On his own stuff, it’ll be more consistently innovative dance floor focused grooves.

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March 25th – Alice Iguchi

Closing night is always important, and if you’re in the know, you’ll probably be at Electric Pickle for Jody Wisternoff or M.A.N.D.Y., but get there early and catch Alice. This Japanese DJ, dually based in Brooklyn and Miami, will blow you away mixing up everything from deep house, to minimal, to tribal, to techno.

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Find out about all of the legends and new artists playing on Miami Music Week’s official website.