The holiday season is here! Is there anything more difficult than trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one? As it turns out: yes. Buying a gift for someone who is passionate about a topic you don’t know much about. Well, we’re here to save the day. We want to hook you up, if the person you’re buying for is (or is trying to be) a music producer. That’s right: gift ideas for music producers.

Obviously, finding good gift ideas for music producers range on how experienced and involved someone wants to become in music production, but here’s a good range of the basics.

6 gift ideas for music producers

Headphones and headphone adapter pack

What’s the most basic thing for someone looking to create music need? Surprise, it’s headphones. They need to listen to the music they’re creating somehow! It’s simple, necessary, and are often overlooked. The better the quality headphones, the more accurately the music producer in your life will be able to hear the nuances behind the sounds they’re creating. We’ve even put together a guide to eight headphones that will please any audiophile.

The next best thing to live music? An adventure into audiophile-ville

Headphone adapters are used to convert the jack size to one that fits in your computer. They are basically scissors and disappear often, so buy in bulk on Amazon.

Music theory books

What’s the first step to making music? Learning how to make music. How do you learn to make music? You start with the basics and learn music theory. May I recommend Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio? It’s a go-to guide on getting your foot in the door with making music.

gift ideas for music producers

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Sorry, what’s that? DAWs are basically software programs that let someone put their musical ideas into, well, actual songs. There’s a huge guide to the best in 2017, and everyone has a really strong opinion on which program is superior. If you bring this up, odds are the music producer in your life will have an opinion on which they want to try out! Ableton Live offers an $80 introductory program.

Midi input device

If you’ve already got an advanced music producer on your hands, meaning, they’re past the “let me rip this copy of Ableton Live illegally” stage, then maybe a midi input device is right for your budding producer. They range in a lot of different formats, from keyboard to grid controller, which imitate drums and other tunes, but they’re all considered the next step to building out a full-on desktop studio.

External hard drive

When you’re making music on a computer, you need high processing power, memory, and RAM. The best thing to make sure the computer is running at capacity? Freeing up those things by saving files out to an external hard drive. I recommend the LaCie Rugged because, well, it’s what I use, and it comes with a Thunderbolt cable which makes transferring huge files really fast.


The MasterClass service offers subscription-based video classes from experts in the field of study you’re interested in. There are two classes currently available for electronic music production that would be available for those interested in making electronic music: Deadmau5 or Armin Van Burren.

Did we miss something you think is a perfect gift idea for a music producer? Let us know on Twitter.

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