Anyone who says that vinyl is a dying medium might be more right than they think, but not because the classic format is going out of style. Quite the contrary, you might say that vinyl is becoming immemorial, at least for those who seek the services of And Vinyly, a company that will press your or your loved ones’ ashes into vinyl records.

Jason Leach, a musician, entrepreneur, and vinyl enthusiast who manages a few small labels in the UK, started the company in 2010 after his mother started working with funeral directors, bringing the conversation about death a bit closer to home and prompting him to think about how he wanted to be remembered.

“It’s a bit more interesting than being in a pot on a shelf,” he told Wired frankly.

Packages start at around £3,000 and add-ons include original artwork, original music, and even distribution to vinyl retailers, at least those that would willingly sell vinyl with a bit of human in it.

But the service doesn’t limit itself to just human ashes; beloved four-leggeds can also be immortalized in a record.

When asked about what precipitated his comfort with death and practical approach to human ashes, Leach was candid: when his family went out to sea to sprinkle his grandfather’s ashes, they ended up blowing back in the wind and getting all over the grieving clan.

Beyond the pain of dealing with loss, Leach says that the most difficult part for most people is choosing the music they want to be remembered by.

It’s difficult to think of what to put on your record because you want it to be the best album you can imagine.

Leach explains more about his company and the service it provides in the short film Hearing Madge, which you can watch below.

For more information about And Vinyly, you can check out their website here.