Born from the depths of heavy music with a little bit of Texas blues, Sweat Lodge is a critically acclaimed new band pushing the boundaries of stoner doom, paying tribute to hard rock, heavy psych, heavy blues, and proto-metal.

The band was established as a trio in 2010, but grew to a four-some by the time they released one of the best heavy metal albums of 2015, Talismana, which was focused on the physical and spiritual journey of man.

“Much like the ceremonial lodge which inspired their name, the music of Sweat Lodge offers enlightenment and purification to those who can stand the heat.”

The band is not breaking up, permanently, thankfully. Cody Johnston, Austin Shockley, and Caleb Dawson, the original trio, are expected to play at SXSW this year, while they look for a guitarist to replace Dustin Anderson, who has left to pursue his own band. We’re hoping Sweat Lodge doesn’t stay off the market for too long, as they offered great color to the local music scene in ATX.

Prior to their hiatus, Sweat Lodge has given a sneak preview of their album Tokens for Hell releasing on March 10, which is available to pre-order on Bandcamp for avid fans to stay satisfied while the band takes their creative hiatus.