Denton has a large youth population since it’s home to the University of North Texas. It should be no surprise there is a lively community of people who want to participate in creating, listening, and engaging in live music. However, with the closing of Rubber Gloves, Hailey’s, and J&J’s Basement in the past few years, things have seemingly took a turn for the worse for music in Denton.

Band Together Denton

That was, of course, until co-founders Tiffany Youngblood and Emily Cline came up with the idea of Band Together Denton in late 2016. Band Together Denton is a DIY music festival hosted throughout homes in Denton. The inaugural festival took place early 2017 with over 60 bands over two days in ten homes, including living room spaces and backyards.

It was truly a festival of the music community; it donated 60% of its proceeds to Mentor Denton. It was even featured in Texas Monthly‘s roundup about Texas’ music scene in 2017.

Good news! It’s back and bigger than ever. According to the Dallas Observer, the house festival (house meaning houses, not the genre) will benefit Youth and Family Counseling this year “to create a First Offender Program that would serve as a means to divert youthful offenders from the juvenile justice system.”

The festival will be held in late January 2018, expanding to 15 shows over three days. Band Together Denton poster

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