California last call

It’s finally happening!

The California State Senate passed a bill on Thursday that would allow local municipalities to decide if they wanted to extend last call at bars and nightclubs to 4 AM from the current 2 AM.

The bill was introduced by state Senator Scott Weiner in February and in the grand tradition of politicians shoehorning awkward acronyms onto bills, it was dubbed the “Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night” Act or LOCAL Act (I know there’s an extra “N”, you know there’s an extra “N”, but I’m not sure they do…). Senator Weiner has stated the act will allow more flexibility for municipalities to make decisions for their own communities and it will be a boon for the state’s nightlife.

Larger cities with more active nightlife scenes like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego seem likely to take advantage if this becomes law. Many other cities in the US already have last call at 4 AM or later, including New York, Miami Beach, and Las Vegas. The bill also accommodates municipalities who would rather keep their last call at 2 AM or earlier.

The bill now moves to the California State Assembly for consideration. If you want to help make this happen, write your state legislator!

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