The city of Chicago is well known for its grand influence on blues music. In fact, the term “Chicago blues” was coined to describe the genre as it evolved in the city, characterized by the use of the electric guitar and the harmonica. The city is also home to the largest free blues festival in the world, the Chicago Blues Festival, held every year in June since its inception in 1984.

With its history of blues musicians and record labels as well as its continued celebration of the genre throughout the city, it’s no surprise a museum dedicated to blues is set to open in Chicago. The Chicago Blues Experience is scheduled to open during the spring of 2019 in the Loop.

The institution aims to commemorate Chicago’s roots in blues and highlight those who continue to be influenced by the genre today. The museum will be interactive, allowing visitors to experience the history and culture of blues in unique ways. The Chicago Blues Experience hopes to educate young people and inspire them to harness their own creativity through art and music.

Watch Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy speak about the Chicago Blues Experience below. Guy has won multiple Grammy Awards, and he was inducted into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame in 2005.

Of course, a blues museum would not be complete without live music. Seeing photos and reading about the history of blues is important, but the Chicago Blues Experience knows that one of the best ways to educate people about music is to get them to experience the sights and sounds of it being played live. Therefore, the museum will also feature a lounge with performances every night.

For more information, visit the Chicago Blues Experience website.

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