Crossroads Music

Last year Oregon Live reported that Crossroads Music was “arguably the best used vinyl store in Portland” but now, they may have to move. After almost 15 years of selling records and music goods from dozens of sellers, it seems the store is being forced to leave their 3130 SE Hawthorne location. If they don’t find a new spot by mid-July, the local favorite may have to close for good.

Finding a location for the store is much different than most situations. Unlike their neighbors at Artichoke Music, who are also being forced to leave, Crossroads doesn’t need a small space for a single vendor. Crossroads is special in that it has multiple vendors and acts as a tiny record festival 12 months a year.

Crossroads MusicThen again, the fact that they have so many vendors is part of the reason they’re being forced to leave. The owners of the space report that they’ll be splitting the space up to offer multiple stores a place to sell their wares.

While the store may have to move further away from the foot traffic they’ve enjoyed on Hawthorne, audiophiles and record connoisseurs alike are sure to make the journey to wherever they move, as long as they do end up finding a space.

If they don’t, Portland and the surrounding areas will be losing another incredible gem.

The store will be open until the end of June, so if nothing else, stop by before the end of the month and see if you can’t find any magic records of your own that will surely live on forever. Or if you happen to know of an open space in Portland…

First reported by the Portland Mercury.

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