damaged city festival

April is coming fast and so is the sixth annual hardcore punk festival known around the world, Damaged City Fest. This April 5th through 8th, over 40 acts will be playing across the DC area, including many shows at the legendary independent rock venue, the Black Cat.

And they’re bringing back the art show featured in years past. There will be over 20 artists showcasing their work on the last day of the fest at the Northeast DC DIY space, Hole in the Sky.

Headlining this year’s festival will be punk legends Limp Wrist, performing in their first DC show in 12 years. Other notable shows include Turnstile’s record release show with Radioactivity featuring Jeff Burke of The Marked Men, Swedish band Katastrof with members of Totalitar and Heratys, U.K.-based The Flex and Arms Race, and New York’s Brown Sugar.

The festival kicked off back in 2013 with Night Birds, Coke Bust, Give, and the influential early-’80s band Negative Approach and hasn’t let up since. Not only has it become one of the country’s largest punk/hardcore festivals, but it seems to be growing hand over foot every year. See the full list of bands at this year’s Damaged City Fest below!

Damaged City Fest lineup posterFull Band List

Limp Wrist (IL/CA/MA)
Turnstile (MD)
Radioactivity (TX)
The Flex (UK)
Warthog (NY)
Rixe (France)
Katastrof (Sweden)
Brown Sugar (NY)
Arms Race (UK)
L.O.T.I.O.N. (NY)
Unified Right (FL)
Wildhoney (MD)
Blood Pressure (PA)
Red Death (DC)
Exotica (NY)
No Time (PA)
Primal Rite (CA)
D.O.C. (DC)
Aggression Pact (MA)
Abuse of Power (GA)
Blank Spell (PA)
Laika’s Orbit (MA)
Nosebleed (VA)
Free (MA)
Rashomon (DC)
Diztort (CA)
Dress Code (TX)
BiB (NE)
Substance (NC)
Skourge (TX)
Blacksage (NY)
Guilt Parade (DC)
Razorbumps (TX)
Witchtrial (DC)
Drool (GA)
Illusion (NY)
Enforced (VA)
Pobreza Mental (NY)
Bacchae (DC)
Neolithic (MD)
Open Your Eyes (DC/MA)
Blue Streak (DC)