Eison Triple Thread

The link between fashion and music has been well established and well tread. It starts at the top, most of our favorite artists have a particular (and particularly eclectic) style, and even if they don’t, sometimes their lack of flavor is a flavor unto itself.

Then you get to the fans and the particular subcultures centered around genres, events, and even just certain artists.

For those of us who’d like to completely take their taste in music and turn it into a fashion statement, there’s now an app that will do just that for you. FITS by Eison Triple Thread, a menswear startup, will take your most-listened to Spotify tracks and pluck out some of the artists and genres from them. It will distill those findings into specific fashion tips and suggest things to buy.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash | Eison Triple Thread
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

According to founder Julian Eison, “When people go to concerts, they tend to dress like the other concertgoers or emulate the artist.” However, he does note that they’re not trying to simply copy an artist’s style and package it for fans. Instead they “try and understand why [someone is] listening to that artist, and understand their relationship to style.”

If this all sounds like a sales technique, you would be correct. Currently it only suggests clothing from their own brand (which inconveniently is also only for men), but even if you don’t buy anything, it can be an interesting way to see how your music taste looks as clothing.

All things considered, it’s probably not wise to take this entirely at face value. Perhaps there are some tips to be derived, but letting an algorithm decide how you’re going to dress seems like an oversimplification of personal style. Besides, do you really want every song you listen to reflected in what you wear? For me, there might be some weird things in there that may not mesh with everything else.

It’s a fun tool to check out, but way too many of the artists I listen to bleach their hair and get face tattoos. That’s not exactly something I’m looking to emulate.

And if you do find yourself wondering what to wear to a concert, hopefully that’s just for at night and not during your regular everyday.