drink at the Game of Thrones barToday’s political climate is, without a doubt, stressful. Republican, Democrat, Independent — no matter with whom your views align — it’s hard to deny that partisan politics are reaching a fever pitch. Especially for DC locals, living so close to the epicenter of the madness can be particularly taxing.

What’s the best way one can take the edge off and ease their political woes for even a brief, fleeting moment? Well, you could always go with the tried and true alcohol route. Drinking (in moderation please) is a guaranteed way to make you feel better about almost anything.

Using a more wholesome approach, you could lose yourself in a different way. There’s no escape quite like fully immersing yourself in a well-crafted fictional realm. Imagine yourself in a world where political conflicts are still solved with a trial by combat. We’re of course talking about the world of Westeros.

If you happen to be in the DC area this summer, the city’s hottest pop-up bar combines both of the aforementioned approaches. The Game of Thrones-themed bar opened last week and will serve the cult-like fans of the series for the duration of the summer. Located at 1839-1843 7th St. NW and operated by Drink Company, you can expect to find the show infused into nearly every aspect of the bar.

Crucially, the joint is stacked with selfie opportunities, like a full size replica of the Iron Throne and a huge dragon head that shoots out smoke (yes, even dragons vape). Each room inside the bar features a different setting from the show. You can walk through The House of Black & White, the Red Keep, and the North, all while listening to cinematic scores from the series.

Game of Thrones bar's bar

No matter which house from GoT you pledge allegiance to, there is a punny drink for you. Feeling like a Stark? Order “The North Remembers,” a scotch-based drink served in a horn shaped mug. Have a lust for power? Try “The Lannisters Send Their Regards,” a sparkling vodka cocktail. If beer is more your speed, “Bend the Knee,” Ommegang Brewery’s official GoT beer is available on draft.

While the themed drinks are nice, the best part about the bar is the kind of spirit it draws out of people. It’s not uncommon at all to find a guest or even a bartender in some sort of full GoT attire.  Remember, what is drunk may never die, or something like that.

Spoiler Alerts:

  • The bar has been consistently packed since its opening and there is regularly a wait to get in.
  • The cocktails are pretty pricey, no less than ~$13.
  • If you’re trying to find the bar by its name, it’s literally just called “Game of Thrones
  • The bar closes early on Sundays so the staff can watch the new season of GoT (duh).

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