I’ve questioned the music festival model before, but I legitimately think these two are going to be great. That’s because Houston needs more options. Austin does not need more festivals. Houston does. Houston deserves more.

The two festivals set to make their debuts this spring are the In Bloom Music Festival and JMBLYA.

elizabeth tinsley park houston
Elizabeth Tinsley Park

In Bloom Music Festival is set to take place March 24-25th and is a spring version of Free Press Summer Fest, partially meant to make up for the fact that the last couple of FPSFs have had weather-related issues. It’ll take place in Eleanor Tinsley Park just like FPSF will in this summer and will basically function like FPSF in almost all other ways except hopefully with more predictable weather. The headliners include Beck, Martin Garrix, and Queens of the Stone Age (the last of which they may want to reconsider between now and March).

JMBLYA promises to be a little less straight-forward, which might be a good thing for you. The festival actually debuted back in 2013 but hasn’t been to Houston since. This second edition of the hip-hop focused festival will take place over three days in May across three cities, Dallas, Austin, and the last stop on May 6th in Houston. So it’s really just a one day festival for all intents and purposes if you’re not the traveling type.

Here’s where it gets really interesting though. JMBLYA has not currently announced any artists in its lineup, but they’re selling $25 blind tickets right now. Previous editions have featured Future, Chance The Rapper, and Tyler, The Creator among many other big names. It’s a gamble, but it just might pay off because once the lineup is announced and people know what they’re getting (and come on, it’s likely to be good right?), prices will probably at least triple.

More than anything else though, this is a welcome infusion for an underrated Houston music scene. Take note America, spring in Houston is going to be lit.

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