That’s right, it’s Friday and we’ve got new music for your earholes.

Head directly into the goods below.

Serpent Power – Electric Looneyland

If the cover didn’t give you a hint that this one might be a bit psychedelic, I don’t know what would. Prepare to be transported to another time, a time when synth-heavy psychedelic garage rock reigned supreme. It’s doomy at points, it’s fun, and it’ll take you on a trip. Some of the best psychedelic rock of 2017.
Favorite tracks: “Black Angel Rider” & “Golden Dawn” 

Asking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria

Balancing somewhere between anthemic hard rock and metalcore, this one is a hard hitter with a super polished feel thanks in part to Matt Good from, From First To Last. There’s an almost Linkin Park vibe to the album in parts, in others an almost hardcore version of Fall out Boy. It’s diverse that’ll have a lil’ something for everyone.
Favorite tracks: “Room 138” & “When The Lights Come On” 

Monster Rally – Flowering Jungle

If you need to take a vacation to the Caribbean, while sitting at your desk, this is your album. It’s one of those albums that you can put on at any dinner party, any game night, any night at home with friends, and everyone will be happy to have it on. It’s just straight up calming tropically influenced happy vibe music. And the vintage record feel that it throws off is incredible.
Favorite tracks: “Sunny Sloth” & “Giant Leaves” 

Special Explosion – To Infinity

Another feel good album on the list. The vocals on this one will caress your ears like an old friend (if your friends are into that kinda thing). It’s good writing, well crafted, and creates an atmosphere filled with smiles. Every song on the 10 track release feels like it was put under a microscope and not allowed to leave until it was perfected.
Favorite tracks: “Your Bed” & “Skeleton” 


And now for something completely different! This massive 15 song album from the Brockhampton collective goes across a ton of different styles. From rap to R&B to funk to one track that almost feels like trap, it’s incredible. Every artist on the album has their time in the spotlight, and the way it’s compiled is a piece of art. Get ready for unplanned head-bobbing.
Favorite tracks: “BOOGIE” & “RENTAL” 

Gabriel & Dresden – The Only Road

Buckle up, you’re about to go on a two+ hour journey through time and space with one of the best electronic releases of the year. The second that “Only Road” hits, you’re taken into a trance that never lets go. What surprised me most about the double album was the amount of emotion that I felt throughout. There’s a song called, “Hospital Piano” that’s haunting. Incredibly impressed by every song.
Favorite tracks: “Only Road” & “Jupiter” 

See you in 2 weeks!

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