“The first ever city-wide celebration of New York City’s music industry, artists, and fans.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio, media and entertainment commissioner Julie Menin, and NY is Music co-founder Justin Kalifowitz announced on Thursday that June will officially become “New York Music Month.” This is a great step forward in supporting New York’s ever growing music community and industry. The city-wide celebration will consist of events covering everything from a music, tech, a real estate conference at NYU, and free concerts all over the city.

Summerstage stage

Mayor de Blasio said in a statement:

“Throughout its history, New York City’s diversity has fueled remarkable innovations in the arts — and nowhere is this clearer than the City’s music industry. The incredible range of musical styles that have originated here in New York are a testament to, and reflection of, our City’s multiethnic roots. In naming June 2017 as New York Music Month, we celebrate all the contributions our city’s music creators have made here, and encourage New Yorkers to experience all that our music community has to offer.”

Comissioner Menin added that “Not only is New York City the birthplace of hip-hop, salsa, and punk rock, and the place where jazz, classical, and other genres were nurtured into global forces, we are also home to the largest and most diverse music business ecosystem on the planet. New York Music Month is the first citywide celebration of the past, present, and future of music in the five boroughs.”

Kalifowitz added, “As the global music business experiences a true renaissance, there’s no better time to recognize the industry’s broad impact on New York’s economy, identify key challenges and opportunities for the creative sector and create new networks of common interest across all five boroughs.”

This is a truly exciting time in music for New York.

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