That’s right, in less than a week many of us will be crowded around a table in our hometowns, surrounded by family, friends, loved ones, and so much food. But, before we pig out, let’s focus on some of the freshest turkeys* out there.

New Music Friday has arrived!

*none of the songs below include turkeys.

Fits – All Belief Is Paradise

The debut from Brooklyn-based four-piece is a good time, even though it’s wrought with pain. The album’s got 12 songs that come in at only 20 minutes, but they’re jam-packed and the lo-fi angsty pop punk sound is infectious. At the end of the day, it sounds like the perfect mix of Brand New and early Weezer, with a side of the Beach Boys.
Favorite tracks: “Running Out” & “Mango” 

Matt Berry – Night Terrors

Best known for his role on UK’s sitcom, The IT Crowd, this guy is making it abundantly clear that he’s not just an actor. The whole album feels like a new Doors-esque album right out of the ’70s with contemporary flavor and more synths. This album is a trip that anyone should happily go on.
Favorite tracks: “Middle Of The East” & “Mr Green Genes”

G.B.H. – Momentum

This is 40 minutes of balls to the wall British punk at its finest. We can only assume that the title of this album is based on where they’re at in life, since their 40th anniversary as a band is coming up next year. And seriously, this album has more energy, more power, and yes, more momentum, than most of what’s being released today. Nothing but good stuff to say about this one. Fun fact: GBH stands for grievous bodily harm.
Favorite tracks: “I Never Asked For Any Of This” & “Birmingham Smiles” 

Gingerlys – Gingerlys

Brooklyn’s own are here with their first full-length record. It’s a fast-paced bedroom pop album sung by what I can only assume is an angel. Every song on the album floats into your ears like a dream but at a speed that just makes you want to move. If I wore a dress, this would be the album I would wear in it, and it would be extremely flowwy, and beautiful.
Favorite tracks: “100 Flowers” & “Purple Sunshine” 

Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard

If you look at this album cover and think you’re going to get something light and airy, you have horrible judgement. That being said, this is a heavy one from some of UK’s doom/stoner rock pioneers. If you’re into Sabbath, you’ll no doubt be drawn to this one. If you need something for your next night of debauchery, it’ll do nicely.
Favorite tracks: “See You In Hell” & “Hear The Sirens Scream” 

The Body / Full of Hell – Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

This collaborative album is the heaviest of the week. Experimentation is heavy. Sound is heavy. Vocals are… heavy. This probably isn’t the album you’re going to have on for Thanksgiving dinner, but if you’ve got a dimly lit room and all of your friends are ready to rage, this’ll do nicely. Could consider this one experimental industrial hardcore with a double helping of controlled chaos.
Favorite tracks: “Earth is a Cage” & “Master’s Story” 

Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis

If you’re down with Sepultura, you’re already intimately familiar with the Cavalera brothers. And, if that’s the case, you know what you’re getting into on this beast. This is flat out speedy death/thrash metal at its finest. The drums are legit possessed by the devil himself. The vocals took a train from hell to perform for you. And the musicianship across the board is out of this world.
Favorite tracks: “Excruciating” & “Impalement Execution” 

Fieldy – Bassically

It’s probably not the bass you’re thinking about, but you might still be down to try it. The bass player from Korn made a rock, funk, fusion album of fun. If you’re looking for Korn, you won’t find it here, but if you’re looking for something that’ll fill your bass need without going full-on electronic, it checks all the boxes across 17 tracks.
Favorite tracks: “Bucket of Funk” & “5 String Graffiti” 

BONUS SINGLE: Keys N Krates – Glitter

The Toronto-based trio dropped their single on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records. The group is going in a bit of a new sonic direction with this one and Ambré Perkins’ voice weaving through it (and any R&B/pop lover’s dreams). Musically, it sounds like a sample on a sample on a sample, but it’s so smooth that you can’t help but groove to it. Look for their debut album, Cura, in early 2018.

See you after Thanksgiving!



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