In my world, there are three main types of music. Live music, which is the obvious go to, best case scenario, first option. Second, perfect, studio produced, and delivered on a CD or MP3 (or FLAC if you’re one of “those” people). And finally, that beautiful old format that just gives an entirely different feel, a warmer embrace of music if you will, vinyl.

We all know that London is known for their musical influence on the world, not to mention their live music scene, but this fall the first vinyl-focused festival will make it’s debut. The two day event is taking place on September 23rd and 24th at London’s very own, Printworks. Tickets will range from £16 and £40 and there will also be VIP tickets available.

The big question is, what is a vinyl festival? Just a place to go buy records? NOT AT ALL. Participants can expect live DJs, over 100 stalls selling music, the latest and greatest audio technology, and even a place to get your favorite records evaluated by an expert.

Make time to hit up the Q&A sessions too with some famous musicians, radio personalities, and music aficionados of all kinds:

  • Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman Huey Morgan will discuss vinyl culture in New York.
  • Tim Burgess, Charlatans‘ lead singer, will present some of his published work spanning music, being a record label boss, and more.
  • Steve Lamacq will give his insight from years of experience working as a radio host on BBC Radio 6.
  • Edith Bowman from Virgin Radio’s Breakfast Show will speak about movie soundtracking.

If you’re a loyal vinylist, this is a must-attend show. Honestly, anyone who loves music really.

Find out more about the event on Resident Advisor.

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