There was a rave in the London Underground last Monday.

Yeah, really.

Apparently a bunch of people decided it would be a hoot to drag down a full sound system, a full complement of lights, and a likely very confused DJ (“Wait, the party you booked me for is where?”) down a whole bunch of stairs and set up shop on a metro platform along the Bakerloo line.

And a drum n’ bass rave happened.

As you can probably imagine, the line’s regular commuters were not all thrilled about this development and the police were quickly alerted to the unusual development.

The impromptu rave’s organizers were friendly and cooperative with authorities when told they’d have to turn off the music and clear out.

The people who probably had to deal with the London Underground rave

The British Transport Police who patrol the Underground put out an obligatory milquetoast statement:

“While officers relish any opportunity to experience underground drum n’ bass, we’d kindly ask DJs to refrain from using the Tube as a pop-up club. It may be the Easter holiday, but there is a time and a place and we’d ask everyone to consider other passengers using the network.”

Apparently the whole thing was a prank pulled by a well known prankster group called Trollstation. But I’m not even sure “prank” is the best way to describe this. It just kind of happened. And whoever happened to be attempting to get somewhere at 10 PM might have been mildly annoyed.

Oh here’s some terrible footage of the event. It actually kind of looks fun:

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