2017 has some exciting developments in store for the Miami mainstay.

Whether you’re a veteran of the scene or a recent transplant, you know what Space is, and more appropriately, you know exactly what it looks like at 4:15AM.

Speculations were running wild that Space was shutting down, but luckily, it’s just getting a bit of a makeover in the wake of a sale to Coloma Kaboomsky of Link, Davide Denese of Miami Rebels, and III Points‘ own David Sinopoli.

“I think the great thing about this club is that it gives us a lot of room for creativity,” Kaboomsky told the Miami New Times.

“Space — in the past — has been related to outer space, mostly, and this is something David brought up, but Space is also room. It’s also creativity. It’s also dimensions, endless possibilities. I think we’re going to redefine what Space really means with how excited and motivated we are.”

Former owners Roman Jones and Justine Levine recently closed the sale and transferred their longstanding proprietorship to the trifecta, all of whom have a decorated history in building and bringing together the Miami music scene.

Sinopoli is not only cofounder of Miami’s celebrated III Points Music Fetival, but he’s also spent the better part of the last decade bringing top indie dance, rock, and hip-hop acts to Bardot. Kaboomsky and Denese (and the partnership that has bloomed between them) have been leaders in the underground house and techno ecosystems, with years of successful parties at Treehouse, Story, and Trade under their belts.

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