Jay Som – Anak Ko

“Call it chill wave, call it dream pop, call her a bedroom producer – this album’s full of enough variety and adventure to make such generalizations moot. A real triumph.” – DIY Magazine

CRX – Peek

“The project of The Strokes’ guitarist Nick Valensi again blends garage rock, dance pop and punk for an infectious mix that will connect with listeners of multiple genres.” – Riff Magazine

Brockhampton – Ginger

“With “Ginger,” their fifth record in just over two years, they’ve presented their tightest and potentially most memorable album yet. Across twelve tracks, the rap collective is noticeably more controlled and concise. ” – Variety

Ceremony – In the Spirit World Now

“…Ceremony — the Rohnert Park, CA-bred quartet who have built a reputation for never doing the same things twice. Realistically, few bands have remained as distinct throughout their many transitions.” – Exclaim!

Shannon Lay – August

“Lay recorded August with Segall at his LA home studio, emphasizing voice and guitar. She’s a precise instrumentalist who favours a finger-picked style that recalls Nick Drake or Paul Simon.” – Uncut

Queen of Jeans – If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid

“Queen of Jeans’ latest record feels like a dinner party you’re not sure you dressed formally enough for. It twirls and waltzes, with each song exceeding three minutes and some stretching past five. A conversation surrounding this record would feel incomplete without a mention of Lana Del Rey, given the bevy of commonalities. They’re both drenched in a vintage aura, exuding swank and sultriness.” – The Alternative