Las Cobras – Selva

“On their debut Las Cobras magnificently fused together a cocktail of proto-punk and murky shoegaze with traces of afrobeat and Tropicalia, but throughout Selva the band can be found taking all of those elements and cranking them up to 11.” – Backseat Mafia

Ta-ku & Matt Mcwatersu – Black & White EP

“ Ta-ku and mcwaters describe their Please Wait project as “the culmination of numerous online exchanges and years of sharing voice memos, stems, musical ideas & TikTok links.” Black & White is a product of the duo’s cathartic approach to self-expression, covering issues and experience from different points in their lives.” – Hypebeast

Lane 8 – Brightest Lights

“After a full year of teasing the album and releasing single extracted from it, Lane 8 has finally unveiled Brightest Lights in full. ‘We are so bombarded with negative energy these days that it is sometimes easy to forget all the beautiful and positive things that happen every day. However small or seemingly insignificant, Brightest Lights is about celebrating and embracing the ups and downs of life and trying to see the world in a positive light.’ – Lane 8 about the album” – The Groove Cartel

Alexandra Savior – The Archer

“The collection ebbs and flows steadily, and it’s undeniably sleek in its vintage Americana-style production. Some songs leave the listener gagging for more, as Savior flexes masterful lyrics, effortless style and poise. This is a timeless collection.” – NME

Georgia – Seeking Thrills

“On Georgia’s second album, she pays homage to the intoxicating freedom of the dancefloor. Drawing heavily on the Chicago house and Detroit techno of the Eighties, Seeking Thrills is a heady dose of sonic nostalgia.” – The Independent

The Big Moon – Walking Like We Do

“Their piano galumphs along, their vocal harmonies are rowdy and imposing yet their quirks are tamed by keen, oddball structures, and a rare balance of enveloping dreaminess and emphatic insistence.” – The Guardian