Tennis – Swimmer

“By the time they released Swimmer in 2020, Tennis were finishing up a decade-long run as first-rate practitioners of sophisticated pop. Pairing Alaina Moore’s pristine and powerful vocals with Patrick Riley’s magical arrangements, the sound of the group is an instantly recognizable mash-up of ’50s pop, 70’s soft rock, and 2010s off-kilter bedroom pop.” – All Music

Drama – Dance Without Me

“There is lush lovelorn affliction blended into the tracks on Dance Without Me. DRAMA’s first record appears remarkably refined for a young band; Rosa’s lyrical candor creates expressionistic narratives about interpersonal intricacies all finessed for the club by Shehade.” – Boomkat

Beach Bunny – Honeymoon

“On Honeymoon, Trifilio finally invites someone into her bubble, into her dream. With a ceaseless, buoyant energy that swims across a candid narrative, Trifilio flexes her masterful songwriting on an album bound to win the hearts of emo-punks and TikTok girls alike.” – Consequence of Sound

Poolside – Low Season

“The latest album from Los Angeles based band Poolside is exactly that; an album that should be listened to by a pool with the sun shining down, melting all worries away.” – Mxdwn

Sega Bodega – Salvador

“Salvador is the strong debut album from Sega Bodega. Self-released on the Nuxxe label which has hosted his ace productions for Shy Girl, Brooke Candy and Coucou Chloe over the past few years, ‘Salvador’ is a uniquely formed slice of contemporary pop and R&B with an effortlessly avant edge thanks to his diamond-cut studio tekkers.” – Boomkat

Against All Logic: 2017 – 2019

“Whilst it seems Nicolas Jaar has been laying low in recent times, the Chilean-American composer has been expanding his creative capacity. His last record under the alias Against All Logic was met with universal praise; this time round, Jaar is pushing his boundaries into unknown territory, something that ‘2017-2019’ does to say the least.” – Clash Music