NXNE 2017

June is right around the corner, Toronto, and North By North East is coming. The top billed acts are Post Malone, Kaytranada, and Passion Pit, but definitely check out the bands who aren’t at the top of the poster. We picked five of our favorites below to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Son Little
You could call it nu R&B or bluesy pop, but whatever you call it, just listen to it. You’ve never heard anything like this and you definitely should. This group is blurring the genre lines in every song, but know that at the end of the day, the lead singer, Aaron Livingston, will blow you away (no matter how you define it).

The Regrettes
Prepare to have your socks officially knocked off. This is a punk rock band through and through, with heavy influences from the 50’s and early 60’s, like Buddy Holly, but as soon as lead singer Lydia Night starts singing, you know they’ve got their own original style (and it’s incredible).

This music is pure sex and with a few songs creeping up into the 500k play range on Spotify, you may already be familiar with these guys. Their sound is a mix of deep vocals, a hypnotic beat, and an 80’s backbone. Get ready for sophisticated synth pop coming from a relatively new band.

The Kents
If you’re looking for a band to fall in love with or to, The Kents will treat you well. This foursome out of Lindsay, Ontario will get you moving with a feel-good folky pop rock vibe. With a 5-song EP that came out last year, we can all hope that 2017 brings even more from this up-and-comer.

Teen Ravine
The first track they’ve released is, Friend of a Friend, and with it you’re getting a super danceable 80’s jam that almost has a Paul Simon vibe to it. If you hit up Spotify searching for everything else that they’ve put out, you’re going to unfortunately come up empty. But, you can find one other song, “Only You,” a much calmer love song, over on Soundcloud. Cross your fingers for a longer set at NXNE.

Have you done any deep dives into the other bands? Who’s your favorite on the list?

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