Not all heroes wear capes…

Picture it now. You and your best friends head downtown. You’re wearing comfortable clothes, because getting crazy dressed up to dance all night is not what you’re looking for. You walk into “the club.” The music is already bouncing off your eardrums. And then you jump on the slide and let gravity take you downstairs where you’re met by a glorious ball pit.

You read that right. Thanks to Avram Hornik of FCM Hospitality, Philadelphia’s dance party scene is going to take leaps and bounds in 2018. There are so many positives about this place, let’s just count them off so you can tell all of your friends what you’re doing in January.

  1. It’s going to be 10k square feet of fun where DJs will be able to spin your favorite tunes all night long.
  2. It’s right in the middle of the city at 1635 Market Street. It’s literally next to the concourse, so you’ll have no trouble getting to it.
  3. Did we mention the ball pits? That wasn’t an accidental plural in the title, it’s got two ball pits. This is a dream come true.
  4. What about the slide? The slide will be into one of the ball pits.
  5. It’s underground, which is cool all by itself. According to Hornik on Billy Penn, the location will be all about “blasting loud music, dancing with friends, not taking yourself too seriously.”
  6. You read about the ball pits and slide above? Adult ball pits!
  7. This is all less than two months away if things go to plan.

Are you pumped about it? We are!

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