I’ve been apartment hunting recently. The most difficult part of it, other than general sloth and lack of motivation, is that there’s no single aggregate where I can find everything and compare apples to apples.

Isn’t that a problem for a lot of things though? The internet is a tremendous resource for finding things. It’s also way too big. Even if you know exactly what you’re searching for, sussing out the relevant information from the various corners of the internet can be tough. The world would be a better place if people could aggregate and organize the internet better.

In fact, people have become quite successful doing just that. Do you really go anywhere else to buy things other than Amazon? Isn’t YouTube a go-to for videos? LinkedIn your stop for unsolicited headhunter messages?

For metal fans in the Philadelphia area, there’s something for you too. It’s called Philly Metal and once you find it, you’ll realize it’s indispensable.

Philly Metal home page

First off, it’s a one stop shop for for every metal show in Philadelphia. And it’s all organized with the the date, the acts, some info on the acts complete with link to their official website, venue, venue location, ticket buying option, Facebook event, and other goodies. Every. Single. One. Organizationally, it’s an obsessive compulsive’s dream. It shows that care was made in constructing it, and care is put into keeping it updated.

The data gets even more granular if you want. If you don’t want to scroll through a list organized by date, Philly Metal lets you search for your desired band or by venue.

Here’s the key part that ties it all together though. Let me preface this by saying that you can sign up for a free account, which is great to keep everything you want to go to organized and make it easy to stay on top of everything. But the real point of having an account is to participate in the boards.

Community building is a great thing and if Philly Metal is a one stop shop for all your Philadelphia metal knowledge, why not contribute to a community of like-minded individuals?

Let’s be honest, there’s really nothing else like Philly Metal out there. So give them their due and recognize them as worthy of joining the pantheon of the internet’s best places.

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