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Last month, Willamette Week reported that an important Portland writer was having his tenure cut short. After four years, the pop music critic David Greenwald, of The Oregonian, will finish his time at the paper at the end of June 2017. While many may think that it’s just one writer, this means that many of the already under-covered local music events will be even more underserved.

What does that mean for Portland, you ask?

It means that the city just lost a voice that represented how much of a “music city,” Portland is. If he’s not writing about the local groups, the touring groups coming through, and other local music happenings, who will? Many of the shows will go on, no doubt, but without knowing about them, who will go?

This is where you come in Portland!

If you’re going to shows, or hear about shows, or a friend of a friend’s band is opening for a national act, write about it! Tell your friends. Share about it on social media. If you need assistance in becoming a “music influencer,” we wrote an earlier piece that might help.

The trickle-down effect works in more ways than economics. The following is my super intelligent thoughts on what could happen without more music writing.

  • If the shows aren’t written about, people don’t know about them, and in turn they don’t go to them.
  • If people don’t go to the shows, the venues lose money.
  • If the venues lose money, they start closing.
  • And finally, if the venues close, there’s nowhere for local live music to live.

This is just one music writer hoping to help another in an amazing music scene. So until the end of June, make sure to check out David’s last Oregonian writings and then find his portfolio where he brings together his music writings since 2008, including other pieces from Access Hollywood, Billboard, and the Los Angeles Times!

Thanks for supporting live music, Oregon!

It’s in your hands…

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