Not-for-profit The ARChive of Contemporary Music has been attempting to, pun intended, build an “arc” of popular music of all cultures and races throughout the world from 1950 to the present.

The ARC is the largest current physical collection of records and albums, aiming to “[preserve] everything that’s issued, hoping to define ‘what happened’ in terms broader than those usually described by selectiveness or availability. Taste, quality, marketing, Halls of Fame, sales, stars and value are as alien to [The ARC] as they are, well, to aliens.”

As a New York City staple, this private music library has been around since 1985, it thrives thanks to donations, both physical and fiscal, except for one week every year when it becomes the city’s largest record store. The ARChive of Contemporary Music offer research opportunities, consulting, loans, and even event space. The opportunities are endless.

Unfortunately, over the years, rent increase and growth of the collection has presented a potentially fatal problem for the ARC, and that’s a backpay on rent.

The ARChive of Contemporary Music has launched its first ever GoFundMe, in hopes of crowdsourcing to protect one of the largest physical collections of music in New York. The first $50,000 will be matched by The Jaharis Family Foundation, dollar for dollar.

Anyone interested in “guaranteeing that the world’s musical heritage is preserved for future generations to study and enjoy” can donate or getting involved in other capacities can learn more here