Atlanta is in the midst of a ordinance, requesting that all recording studios are at least 500 feet away from residential areas. The recent violent disputes that seem to be taking place have left many families and surrounding people feeling uneasy. This would be troublesome for existing studios, and the clientele they have worked to maintain for years now.

from 11alive

“Some in Atlanta’s music industry are angry about about a proposed ordinance that would restrict music recording studios in the city.  But the ordinance’s sponsor say it’s designed to curb incidents of violence that have taken place around a handful of studios in the last few years.

Maze Studios is accustomed to making a racket inside its century-old brick building in Atlanta’s Edgewood neighborhood.  But outside, its owner Ben Allen says it is all but invisible to the surrounding neighborhood of single-family homes and apartments.

But a few Atlanta studios have been at the center of some violent disputes that have raised their profile – and drawn the attention of a proposed ordinance.  It would require new recording studios to stay 500 feet away from residential areas – and to get special use permits from the city. “

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