We’re pleased to announce that Jukely members can redeem Points to jump to the top of Standby lists

We introduced Points over a year ago as a way for members to level up and compare their score with friends and the community. Now, Jukely subscribers can redeem those points for priority placement on Standby lists for shows that are already at capacity.

Members can visit their Points dashboard to see how many points they have, and for suggestions on how to earn even more! Your Points will reflect the last 6 months of your activity on Jukely, so use them before you lose them.

What’s Standby again?

Occasionally, guestlists for certain shows will fill up. 😢 When that happens, you’ll see the blue crossed-fingers Standby icon in the place of the purple “Go” icon on show listings. By clicking on it, members can join a Standby list to become notified when a spot is available.

Members will receive notifications as Standby spots become available, and have a limited window of time to claim a spot before it’s offered to the next person on the list.

By redeeming points, you’ll now be able to jump to the top of the Standby list and receive the next available show offer. The number of points required to jump to the top of the list will vary from show to show and depends on a variety of factors.

Join Standby lists confidently, and visit your Points dashboard to learn how to earn more points through sharing Go-lists, referring friends, and more.


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