rich people music

Surprise, surprise.Your music taste may be influenced by your income (or vice versa). Add money to the long list of benefits of music, which already has health, longevity, and happiness on its side. According to a recent study conducted by TD Ameritrade, it turns out music and finances are way more interconnected than previously thought.

Classical and electronic music listeners have higher household incomes, feel more financially secure, and are more likely to invest in the stock market. Correspondingly, classical and electronic music listeners also feel the need to have higher incomes to be happier, which might also lead to the difference in favorite genre incomes.

The difference in desired income between the highest earners (classical) to the lowest earners (country) is significant, showing that country music listeners are actually closer to earning their ideal income than classical.

The study was conducted online and self reported by 1,500 millennials, so there’s a little bit of leeway in accuracy, but it’s certainly an interesting insight on the tastes and preferences of financially stable individuals.

I doubt switching your favorite music taste will help your financial standing, but if you want to test it out and let us know how it goes, hit us up on Twitter.