Seattle Fremont Bridge

Make music in the Fremont Bridge!

It sounds like the setup to some kind of fairy tale where a musician challenges travelers before they can cross her bridge. But at Seattle’s Fremont Bridge, they really want to find a musician to make music in the bridge.

Seattle Fremont BridgeThe specific place will be a room atop the 101-year-old bridge’s northwest tower (sorry to those who were hoping it’d be under the bridge). It’s a small 8×13 feet, but it has windows all around with 360º views of the surrounding city. The residency will take place from June through August 2018 and comes with a $10,000 grant, $5,000 for the residency and $5,000 for sound project, presentation, and documentation.

The sponsors of the program, the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and the Seattle Department of Transportation, started the program in order to explore “the historic bridge’s role and meaning for the city of Seattle and create music in response to this residency.”

How they do that is up to the winner of the grant, I suppose. Here are some facts about the bridge:

  • It’s old.
  • It’s blue and orange color was chosen by voters at a street fair in 1985. Democracy!
  • It’s a drawbridge that opens an average of 35 times a day, which makes it the most frequently opened drawbridge in the United States.

Riveting stuff.

I’m not a musician myself, but I can’t figure out how that turns into music. Hopefully the actual winner has more inspiration to fill the three months in a bridge.

Oh also, the rules specifically stipulate you cannot live in the bridge. Sorry. No soliciting coins/riddle solutions/objective truths from weary travelers.

The application deadline is 10:59 PM PST on March 20. For more info and to apply, check out the posting.