In its fifth year, Seattle’s own Seaprog (Seattle + Progressive) Festival is back. Columbia City Theater will be full to the brim with progressive rockers from June 1-3. But even though it’s a “progressive rock” festival, they’re clear about one thing:

“There is no rule that says PROG = GOOD, NOT PROG = NOT GOOD. Open your ears. Don’t restrict yourself by what section of the store music is filed in. Don’t be embarrassed by your taste in music. Your favorite band does not suck.”

This year is bound to be the best year for Seaprog yet. With a few still outstanding, they’ve received confirmations from Cheer-Accident, Free Salamander Exhibit, and Bubblemath, as well as a bunch of Pacific Northwestern bands that are sure to delight and amaze.

The initial idea for Seaprog started up around 2011 with Dennis Rea commenting on starting a festival like this with progressive rockers from Seattle. From that initial idea, John Reagan and Jon Davis joined him to make it happen. From the beginning, the idea was to bring Seattle-based artists, who were creating interesting music that in some way connects to progressive rock, together.

What: Seaprog Festival

When: June 1-3, 2018

Where: Columbia City Theater (starting at 7 PM each day)

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Seaprog Festival 2018 Artists (so far)

Clearly Beloved
Faun Fables
Free Salamander Exhibit
Himiko Cloud
Inner Ear Brigade
Marching Mind
Ocelot Omelet
Spontaneous Rex
The Mercury Tree