Photo by Frank Denney on Unsplash | secret solstice 2018
Photo by Frank Denney on Unsplash

Iceland is nothing short of magical, isn’t it? And if you’ve got a cool million dollars sitting around, you’ll experience the finest music festival of your life. Secret Solstice 2018 is coming up fast from June 21 through 24.

The best part about the festival, outside of the insane million dollar perk list below, is that it happens to coincide with 96 straight hours of sunlight. While you may celebrate the longest day of the year in some places around the world, at this one, you’re going to celebrate in daylight for almost 100 hours straight. Now, tack that on top of the list of amenities for the one ticket that they’ll be selling for a million dollars.

The Million Dollar Perks

  • Entry to the four-day festival, obviously.
  • Privately chartered business jet for up to 6 people (from anywhere on the planet).
  • Welcome party with unlimited champagne and specialty Icelandic food prepared by a private chef.
  • Party with one of the musical artists from the festival with a private concert for you and whoever you choose.
  • Premium luggage to use for your trip.
  • Catered World Cup viewing party.
  • 24/7 access to personal drivers to do some of your own explorings.
  • Sledding across the Langjökull glacier (with gear from 66North).
  • Spa treatments throughout the stay.
  • Daily relaxation massages with access to geothermal hot springs, skincare treatments, and an on-call “private glam squad.” Which we assume will make you glamorous, whenever you’re feeling, not.
  • Helicopter tour over the glaciers and volcanoes.
  • A lavish Icelandic gift bag on arrival.
  • Picnic and hotel stay in the countryside.
  • Yacht party at midnight, which will be in the sunlight, cause, 96 hours of sunlight.
  • Snowmobile rides.
  • Private yacht safari.
  • Horseback riding sessions.
  • A sensory dining experience in a cave.
  • Watching any of the artists on stage from backstage. You won’t be front row, you’ll be ON the stage.
  • Unlimited “hyper-premium” drinks, which we’re guessing includes diamonds and gold in the titles.
  • Access to all sold out Secret Solstice side event music experiences including Into The Glacier and The Lava Tunnel.
  • And even more will be released to the person who books the package!

In the Jukely office, our top five choices were 96 hours of sunlight (which isn’t really one of the perks, but come on, that’s incredible), sledding across the Langjökull glacier, helicopter rides, sensory dining experience in a cave, and access to the sold out side event music experiences.

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You won’t find this ticket under their normal ticket list, but if you’re interested, feel free to email them directly at

secret solstice 2018

Now, if the $1 million package is out of the question, there’s also a “Package of the Gods” package for around $14,800 and “Oðinn” package for $1,865, which both give quite a few nice perks as well. They’re obviously nothing compared to the big money ticket above, but still pretty incredible.

Oh, and us “poor” people can grab tickets for around $212, but the perks are more music-focused. Being able to party in Iceland for 96 hours of sunlight alone may just be worth the price though.

Then again, the lineup for 2018’s Secret Solstice Festival gives you access to metal, electronic, rock, rap, and most anything else you’d want to see at a festival

2018 Lineup

Gucci Mane
Clean Bandit
Bonnie Tyler
Death From Above
Steve Aoki
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
Jet Black Joe
J Hus
Charlotte de Witte
Kollektiv Turmstrasse
and more

What is it: Secret Solstice Festival
When is it: June 21-24, 2018
Where is it: Engjavegur 7, 104 Reykjavík, Iceland

secret solstice 2018