Okay, so I saw this piece in the Washington Post about bringing the Point Counterpoint II to DC and now, I can’t stop thinking about how cool it would be. Nor, how perfect it is for Washington, DC.

Courtesy of World Architecture Community.

Where else in the country should a piece of history like this come to rest (yet continue to amaze and bewilder the lucky people who see/use it)? In the home of our capitol, that’s where! Just look at it. It’s moveable, it could go right on the water, and if it’s still going strong after 40 years, what’s to say it couldn’t go for another 40?

The Point Counterpoint II is a 195-foot floating concert hall. The ship was commissioned in 1976 by the American Wind Symphony Orchestra (AWSO) as part of a Bicentennial project. Now, this gorgeous piece of history is docked in Ottawa, Illinois.

The owner, Robert Boudreau, has been trying to find a new owner for it for twenty years, but once the AWSO finishes up their 2017 tour, it’s not looking good. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette it will be sent to a shipyard where the shell will be torn apart and the rest repurposed as a derrick barge.

Courtesy of BainBridgeGA.com

In no way would it be easy, and most likely not fun, but getting it to DC would most likely only cost $50-70k. The owner “estimates the cost of moving it to Washington, D.C. at $50,000 to $70,000” and to me, that sounds like the perfect range to bring’er to the coast.

What do you think? Is this the venue Washington, DC is looking for?

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If DC doesn’t take it… maybe NYC?


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