The creation of London’s night czar, Amy Lamé, back in 2016 and the mayor’s announcement in mid-2017 explaining his 24 hour vision for the city is in part due to the behind the scenes work of an incredible group called Sound Diplomacy.

sound diplomacySound Diplomacy is a music industry advocacy group who has been a massive player in helping London mayor Sadiq Khan develop two important groups: the Night Time Commission and the London Music Board.

The London Music Board wants to help London’s music scene at the grassroots level to compete with cities like Berlin, Tokyo, and New York. It brings together people from the music industry, music education sector, community music sector, local authorities, the Greater London Authority, and tourism bodies; all to move music in London forward.

The Night Time Commission is a group researching exactly what life in London is like between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM. Over the next couple months, they’ll continue consulting with London residents, night workers, councils, businesses, community groups, public sector organizations, and visitors to make London a worldwide music hub.

And if you live in London, you can help the Night Time Commission right now with these consultation questions. The deadline for responses is 5 PM on Friday 9 February 2018.

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